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Sounds like …

Did you know that a charade was a form of literary riddle popularized in France in the 18th century. In the early 19th century, the French began performing “acting” or “acted charades”with the written description replaced by dramatic performances as … Continue reading

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Crows, Keys, and Lights.

Sixteen days in Seattle! Feels like forever. Time, days, time zones have all melted together since leaving the Gulf Coast just a month ago. I’ve loved this city from afar …. and now to be here, well it’s almost natural! … Continue reading

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The Steadiness of Faith

Originally posted on The Edges Of His Ways:
I was revisited today by an illustration I heard years ago about a ship and a train. My pastor was sharing about living by faith, and illustrated his thought by contrasting the experience of traveling somewhere on a…

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Listening to the whispers.

Saturday night. I lay down, reading until sleep starts to overtake me.  As I go to put the book aside, a group of words capture my attention. Speaking to me. Sunday morning. I see the sun come up over the mountain … Continue reading

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On this journey …we have left behind the waters of the Gulf Coast, seen the lakes of Northern Michigan, beheld the evergreen and colorful beauty of well-watered Wisconsin, passed through Minnesota, the land of 1000 lakes, with its cranberry farms. … Continue reading

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Finishing well, Festus & French Toast

Lets get on the road by 7am they said. We stopped 5 minutes after pulling out of the driveway, to clear the leaking eyes, all started by my man,  yes, he man-cried …gah!             It was a slow start.  Then came … Continue reading

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Seasons,waves and wheat fields

Hey friends, its been a while, about 10 months or so to be exact! Who would have ever thought that the ebb and flow of life could so easily determine ones routine. It wasn’t until I got the “pay for … Continue reading

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