Turtles On A Log. Balance.

I could start this post out with – wow its been a while since I wrote anything. But honestly why would I? Its kinda obvious, right? So I won’t.

Since moving to Washington – life has been a fast paced jumble of finding jobs and somewhere to life, adapting to a different culture in community and church and eventually starting my own business. A business I never imagined myself in by the way, but now feel so passionate almost three years later. All of this bought with it an intensive season of learning to adapt.

Bring on the turtles!

Kirkland, WA has a myriad of parks, where animals and their humans go, families get together for play dates, and quieter parks where people can walk without talking in the wonder and beauty of creation. On occasion, these free roaming created beings we observe in the quieter parks talk to you in ways you least expect – cue Dr. Dolittle!

That’s how it was with the turtles. From the observation deck, I could see them, sitting there on a log, sunning themselves, oblivious to this amateur photographer trying to get her best shot. Some on other logs, were respectably distanced from each other, others not caring how they ended up, just pile on! Then it happened – middle picture above.

Everyone was happy, until that guy at the bottom decided he wanted to take a dip. As he slowly turned to get off the log, it set off a rock and roll motion. As he slide off sideways, the motion of the log increased. As he hit the water it increased even more. He started to turn back to the log, saw what he had done and disappeared under the water, gone from sight.

Meanwhile, the next guy up, had shot his legs out at angles, anchored himself and hung on, the three in the middle just rolled with the flow. The next one I think woke up when he flipped and landed in the water. And that smallest one at the top end. Seriously, he should have gotten some kind of award! He had it down, roll to the left, slide to the right, lift your head. But promptly lost it as he tilted to far and catapulted off the end.

The four of us humans, strangers bought together in a wordless interaction, all laughed with delight, at this 16 second interruption to the surrounding quiet.

As I turned to walk away, it struck me that I had just witnessed a word picture of how I often act in the rhythms that make up my life. Sometimes I quietly slide out of situations not wanting to rock the boat, but doing so with my absence. Other times I hang on for dear life when a rough waters try to unseat me or immediately lose my grip and wake up when I hit the water. Still other times I just find a good stance and manage to come out unscathed. I want to be like the three turtles in the middle.

Finding enough balance that allows me to roll with the ebb and flow, the high and lows. Knowing that when stuff happens, I am secure in the place I have chosen to plant my feet. That I am anchored in this solid, albeit rocky place. Anchored in the place of an everlasting hope that propels me through life toward a destination that will bring me to the place of perfect balance.

How about you?

(Romans 8)


About Ava

I simply love life - the ups& downs, the round-a-bouts, the stops and starts, the uphill climbs and the downhill slides. It all makes me the person I am as a wife, mother of 5, grandmother, friend, follower of Christ. You can't have one part of me without getting the other.
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