Listening to the whispers.

Saturday night. I lay down, reading until sleep starts to overtake me.  As I go to put the book aside, a group of words capture my attention. Speaking to me.

img_7014Sunday morning. I see the sun come up over the mountain and watch as it’s light breathes on what the darkness had covered. And in a different book with a different author, there it is again, the same words.

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us….” Hebrews 12:1

We go to Zootown Church – yes, that’s really its name, look it up – on the way I say to my man “You know I read that verse about throwing off the stuff that so easily entangles and persevering in running your race both last night and this morning.”Uh huh” his response, as he sips his coffee and follows the directions of the GPS.

I go on, saying “Wouldn’t it be something if that was mentioned again at church?” His response was a ditto on the last response! 🙂

Our first time in a gathering place with His people since leaving that coastal town that now seems so far away.  After being greeted at the door by the smiling faces of the generation rising up – a voice says “Hey, I know you! *smile* Your Casey’s mom and dad, how are you? *Hug* We are so glad you came! Lets get a picture.” Welcomed and Embraced.

The worship songs pour down over my head, like the rain that fell on our way to this place. Refreshing happens and I feel His welcome as I enter that special place of His presence.  Then comes the message. A series from the Old Testament. This one – Moses and the Ten Plagues.

Words echo and bounce off the hearts of men and women as plagues are likened to the sins that so easily entangle our lives. What more is left to be said?  Throw aside your sin, run and receive the bounty of grace and mercy that is offered. img_7028

On the way back to the family house, a rainbow is seen, appearing to rise up from the valley floor, where clouds have misted it, trying to shadow what the rain and light have brought. That ancient sign of promise.


Sunday evening. Hearts are quieted as thoughts turn to what it lies ahead. Goodbyes are said, with the knowing that the miles between the visits are so much shorter. I sit on the side of the bed, book in hand, and begin to read.  And in the quietness, a heart tunes in.

img_7037“If anyone is a worshiper of God and does His will. He hears him.” John 9:31

“My will is not a place, but a condition. Do not ask Me where and when but ask me how..”

Whispering I respond with “I don’t know how You are going to do all that we are asking, but I know this, I trust You.”

The words continue “You will discover blessings in every place, and any place, if your spirit is in tune with Me.”

“…. you have put your life into My keeping, and because you are depending on Me for guidance and direction, I shall give it. Move on steadily and know that the waters that carry you are the waters of My love and My kindness, and I will keep you on the right course.”

My eyes fill up, profound gratitude fills my thoughts. I share it all with my man and in the quietness he too hears.

Monday.  It’s almost one a.m. and I really need to sleep. We are leaving at 8 a.m! Ha.

Where is that card I was using as a book mark?  There it is … and with it one more whisper.img_7036

“Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1

Missoula, Montana …. this place of rest, before the final leg of this journey. How loudly I have heard His voice in this place. And now we move on.  Over the mountains and on into Washington State to what He has readied for us.


About Ava

I simply love life - the ups& downs, the round-a-bouts, the stops and starts, the uphill climbs and the downhill slides. It all makes me the person I am as a wife, mother of 5, grandmother, friend, follower of Christ. You can't have one part of me without getting the other.
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3 Responses to Listening to the whispers.

  1. Rebecca L says:

    Loving the Posts


  2. Ron says:

    These post are just great Ava. I didn’t know you could write like this. God bless you and Russ.


    • Ava says:

      Thanks for the encouragmrnt Ron! I think of these posts as an overflow from my heart. Blessing and love to you and Rosie. Hug each other from me 🙂


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