Seasons,waves and wheat fields

Hey friends, its been a while, about 10 months or so to be exact!

Who would have ever thought that the ebb and flow of life could so easily determine ones routine. It wasn’t until I got the “pay for your blog” message that I realized how much I missed sharing my happenings with you, the unseen audience.

So here we are,  the POD has landed in our driveway, its opening begging to fit all we own into its 8′ x 16′ cavity. We’ve done the yard sale thing, the pre-yard sale thing and given stuff away to prepare for whatever lies at the other end…. in Seattle, Washington.  Wow! Did I really just write that? My man and I are moving – he says we’re going on a long term camping trip. And I don’t mind the sound of that – it says, this is what adventure, faith and long prayed over dreams are made of.

Seattle – that place that I dropped our youngest girl child off at 7 years ago. That place, that stole a part of me, with one glance at her green mountain grandeur, blue skies and waters … and yes, that misty rain. It was summer time then and I know…. I’ve heard it enough times since, that it rains a lot in Seattle! [It really doesn’t, its rained more in Mississippi here lately!]

For five years we have prayed off and on about this move, ever since I came back from that trip and blurted out the words “I could move out there!”

Its been a game of hide and go seek tug of war! “Here I am look at me” “Nope, I’m going this way” *yank on the rope* “Nope, your going this way” “Where are you?” *tug* “Over here.” Then we hit that season two years ago, when things began to change. Was this an open door?  It felt more like an open sea as the winds of change began to assail all that was familiar. Waves slapped hard at the familiarity of the boat we were doing life in.  Then it happened, the wind and waves became still and we knew.

And we remembered that time we took a left instead of a right out of the panhandle of Texas and ended up in the wheat fields of Oklahoma. Miles and miles and miles of nothing but amber, golden grain, and those words in my head “the fields are ripe for the harvest, but the workers are few.” My sensibility arguing back “well of course that’s what I’m going to think, while staring out the window at nothing but wheat fields!”

Look a building in the distance, at a crossroads, ask for directions. An abandoned building, its inhabitants long gone. Keep driving.  A few more miles and a few buildings, a man putting up letters on a sign outside of a church …. he steps out of the way, right as we drive up. His job done, ours just beginning. The letters wove together the words “Welcome Harvesters”  and in that moment when breathe is taken away and tears form, the way is made known.

Saturday, October 1st is get on the road day and head north to Michigan to visit with my man’s mom, then its onto Montana, for visits with his brother and an old high school friend and those wide open spaces, big blue sky, mountains ….moose and bears! Then finally into Washington state late October.

So much to share, but for right now its enough to know that indeed our steps are being directed and after 27 years of gulf coast living, we are moving to the pacific north west coast…..Sunday is party day, where our church family who have loved us well all those years, will bid us farewell. Say a prayer or two, leaving and letting go is never easy.

Come join us on the journey through my ramblings…and of course the photos. See you soon.


About Ava

I simply love life - the ups& downs, the round-a-bouts, the stops and starts, the uphill climbs and the downhill slides. It all makes me the person I am as a wife, mother of 5, grandmother, friend, follower of Christ. You can't have one part of me without getting the other.
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3 Responses to Seasons,waves and wheat fields

  1. Casey Mitchell says:

    Love you!!!! So excited:)


  2. Erin Johnson says:

    You will be so very missed, lady! But, I’m looking forward to hearing about all the new things God has in store for you & Russ! You gave me all those amazing books; one day you will be the author of a book I’ll want to read. Keep writing and sharing! God bless. Love you so much, ma’am!!!


  3. Mary Murphy says:

    We will miss you and Russ so much. You handling anything that comes your way, and Russ keeping the coffee ready in the fellowship hall by the nursery. Ted, Russ and I visited there many Sunday’s.

    We keep you and your loved ones in our prayers, and you both as you travel to the Lord’s next service. Our lives are filled with the next journeys He has for us!

    Let us all serve Him well, even though apart still together in spirit..

    We Love you both.. Mary


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